Regional volunteer network in social services


What is VOLO?

VOLO is a project initiated by Caritas Catolica Association form Oradea, which helps to bring together the need and offer for volunteering in social services in Bihor, Satu-Mare and Sălaj counties, through an online database. Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. Our project partner is the Caritas Organization of the Satu-Mare Diocese.


How does it work?

Non-governmental organizations can upload their projects for which they need volunteers on the website, or in person with the help of one of our program coordinators (see at the end of page). The database connects the volunteers with the NGOs based on their set preferences. They can contact each other and start working together by just a few clicks. NGOs can browse volunteers, they can also accept or decline offers. All services are free.

How do we help you?

During the 18 months of the VOLO project we contact and train over 1000 potential volunteers, who will be prepared for the situations and will be conscious of their responsibilities and obligations as a volunteer. We provide sample contracts and consultation for NGOs. We also organize thematic forums for NGOs, where we share ideas for managing volunteers.

 What are the benefits of using volunteers?

  • NGOs can reach more beneficiaries – „extended reach”
  • Reduces workload – human resources
  • Supplementary competence, brings impulse and new energies to the team
  • More publicity – enhances public appearance
  • Extend the 2 % aid campaign
  • Improves life of beneficiaries
  • Raises social awareness
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